A Distressed Christmas…

After re-watching this post from Jennifer McGuire from a few weeks ago, I got to thinking then I got to crafting. I have lots of Distress Ink from Tom Holtz and I usually only break them out for watercolor backgrounds, or for watercoloring images. But this time I broke them out and made some backgrounds for a few sets of Christmas cards.

For this post, I’ll cover the method I used to color the backgrounds and in a separate post you’ll see what the finished cards look like.

For starters, I used some Bazzill Marshmallow cardstock, cut down to 4.25″x5.5″. This will later be trimmed down, but I find it easier to start with a quarter sheet and then trim as needed.
The Distressed inks used for this project were:
Tumbled Glass
Peacock Feathers
Tattered Jeans
Pumice Stone
Black Soot

I began with the lightest color (Tumbled Glass) and brought in a light wash of color using a blending tool. I focused most of the color to just one-half of the card. This side will serve as our “ground”.


Next I used Peacock Feathers and covered about two-third of the card, starting at the “top” side of the card. This provided a bit of blending between these two shades of blue. I left some area somewhat sparse to read a little lighter and added more color to others for a deeper feel.


The final blue shade was Faded Jeans. This was used to add most of the depth for this background piece. It’s a very deep color so I used it fairly sparingly. I focused most of the color to the top and sides since this blue is so dark.


To add some grunge, I used Pumice Stone. This is probably my favorite of the neutral Distress inks. I think it helps make the background read like a cold, billowing, snowy night. I blended this color in to both the bottom and top of the cardstock.


Lastly, I used the Black Soot. Now this is a very intense black ink, so only a very small amount was used around the top edges of the card. A little of this ink definitely goes a long way!


To finish off this card front, I took some water and a watercolor brush and flicked some water all over the cards. This ink is special in that it reacts with water and makes that color move around. You can see below that where the water was absorbed, less of the ink remained. I think this finished background piece really fits with the Christmas cards it was used on.



Like I mentioned earlier in this post, I’ll be posting the finished cards this background piece was used on. I think this piece really played up the simple stamped images on the cards. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!!


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