Miss You

This week I have started an online card class (www.onlinecardclasses.com) which provides wonderful inspiration and challenges each week.  This is the first card class I have taken but am thoroughly enjoying it (even though it’s only Day 2).  The two main instructors are Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire who are both great crafters and I’ve followed both of their blogs for quite some time now.

I wanted to share my first card sketch along with the final product! Below is my take on this week’s card sketches  -keep in mind that I do not have any graphical software, so I’m doing my best.


It looks like a fairly simple design, however that large chevron banner down the middle will actually function as the card front! This creates a really unique way to open the card.

After adding some color to my sketch, the end result is a bit more clear.


That chevron pattern proved to be fairly difficult to execute.  I ended up making a template and then tracing that template on some yellow paper (granted looking back, using yellow cardstock as the flap would have been much easier).  After adhering the cardstock pieces in place, I used some Kelly Purkey sticker letters and punched out some hearts (later covered in some Stickles).

Here is the final product!!


I really like how summery these colors are and how well they play together to make a such happy card!  Can’t wait to get started on today’s card.

Thanks for reading!


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